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Your current home equity works like cash. Start shopping today from your home computer.

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House Swap and House Trade Service - Get Your Free Listing

. . . Property shopping using real estate equity without having to liquidate.

Registered visitors to TradeAHome can make swap offers on home listings using their real estate equity as purchasing power, instead of or in addition to cash, since equity is often easier to come by than cash. TradeAHome creates these house swaps by using its proprietary technology in conjunction with a nationwide escrow service.

This house swap is not a trade at all, it's a sale. The only requirement would be that the dollars from the sale/house trade must be spent to purchase another home currently listed on or other selected online websites that we affiliate with.

"Just wanted to let you know that I received a signed exchange contract yesterday for some of my TX property I listed on your site. It was from a lead and another property on your site. Keep up the good work!

The Benefits of TradeAHome

  1. TradeAHome shortens the days on market by broadening the base of potential buyers.
  2. TradeAHome can be the catalyst that helps close your sale in weeks instead of months.
  3. REALTORS using TradeAHome will remain critical to the sales, marketing and closing process.
  4. TradeAHome has a superb "home swap" support team to make sure your transaction keeps moving.
  5. A property remains on the market by the agent/owner and open to any offers outside of the TradeAHome system. If the home is sold through conventional means, there is no obligation to TradeAHome providing a firm and binding contract has not been signed.
  6. The only requirement of spending your home equity is that the monies from the created sale (house swap) must be used to purchase another property currently listed on an approved TradeAHome WebSite. Naturally, you will need to locate a home, make the offer to swap and have an acceptance by all parties.

SHOPPING CAN BEGIN IMMEDIATELY UPON LISTING with TradeAHome. Sales made in the conventional manner do not usually create the incentive to shop for a new home until an offer has been made on your existing home. Now, with TradeAHome you can start shopping for a new home the minute you decide that a move is in your plans.

ELIMINATES WORRY over whether the other party will accept an offer to exchange or trade houses. The TradeAHome system will generate MANY offers from which the TradeAHome technology can detect your transaction on successful swaps.

QUICKER CLOSINGS. This system can cut the time between finding a Buyer, getting the written offer and a closing. Many people have a difficult time making the selling of one property coincide with the purchase and closing of a replacement property. TradeAHome allows users the opportunity to essentially start shopping for swaps on a home and "spend" their equity immediately upon listing their property for sale on TradeAHome. Home trades has never been so simple.

THERE ARE NO CHANGES TO YOUR CURRENT SYSTEM. While there may be several offers for a home swap made through TradeAHome, your home can remain "For Sale" by the agent/owner. If a transaction is accepted outside of TradeAHome and upon notification to TradeAHome, all swap offers will be deleted from the TradeAHome system.

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