How It Works

...What if the other party to the transaction doesn't want our home?

It doesn't matter. Our technology works to find a buyer who DOES want your house through a multi-way exchange system. TradeAHome identifies a preliminary transaction only. When the TradeAHome technology finds the potential buyer for your home, our highly-trained Trade Brokers will call each party to the transaction (or listing/selling Broker) and make certain that each party gets the exact house they want to buy. Unless a contract is signed by all parties satisfying the inspection, appraisal and/or financing requirements, there is no legal commitment. Terms and/or contingencies are no different from any other cash offer to purchase. TradeAHome does NOT leave the real estate agent out of the loop. In fact, TradeAHome will generate new buyers for the agent that would have never been possible without our system.


You MUST suggest an offer to trade-in your property or nothing happens. The MORE suggested offers you make, the better your chances of finding a trade! If you are certain that you would rather own the property that you are looking at more than one you own, make that offer to home swap! It DOES NOT matter whether or not the owner of the property you like wants your property, let TradeAHome solve that puzzle for you. Just make the preliminary home trade offers on the property you want!

When you are looking at any listing page, you will see this logo and text in the top right hand corner:

When You're Ready to Make a Home Swap/ Trade

TradeAHome - Trade and Home Swap Service
Yes, this is a property I would consider exchanging for my property/equity.

If you like this property more than one you own, click on the above logo.

This will bring you to a page that allows you to select from your properties the one you would like to use to trade-in for the property you like.

After you choose the property you want to use as a trade-in, click on the button below the dropdown and you have started the homes trade process.

Upon identification of a multi-way exchange, the Trade Brokers immediately contact all parties involved. The agents or homeowners will confirm the offers made by each party and make sure each party knows all details of the transaction. This follow-up stage of the transaction is one of the most important in any exchange.

If TradeAHome identifies a transaction for you whereby you could end up with that home, they will contact you for the next steps should you care to proceed with an home trade.

If you are only looking for a two way trade, simply contact the owner at the bottom of the listing, tell them what you have in mind and ask. At this time, TradeAHome is not involved in two way trades. Read more about the many benefits of this new house swap service.

If you have any questions, please contact us.